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Late Night Madness

One of the best songs Wayne has ever made. If only for the final 30 seconds. The engineer’s recording a thunder storm, indeed. Also, this one: I might send this to the mixtape Weezy! Somebody call the mixtape Weezy!

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Greater Later: 10 Favorite Songs That Missed the Cut

The title is a bit misleading. These songs didn’t miss the cut because they weren’t as good as some of the tracks that made my final 30, but rather because I came to them too late (ie in the last … Continue reading

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Bangladesh’s Popular Apocalypse

The internet is abuzz over Weezy’s latest, “6’7″” (which is awkward to properly write, thanks Wayne; it has also hit #1 on the iTunes singles chart at the time of this writing). Some fans/comment sections have greeted it with hysterical … Continue reading

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A Salute to Ignorance

This song probably has one of the five greatest choruses of all time, a glorious, unabashed salute to gangstas, pimps, lobstas, shrimps, kool aid and chicken. Not exactly the Lil Wayne so many have come to know and love, but … Continue reading

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On Rich Boy and the Voice as an Instrument, Part 1

The arrival of this piece was prophesied long ago, in the bygone days of November 2009. Enjoy Part I of the Rich Boy Manifesto. If you’ve spent any time reading YML over the last few months, it should be evident … Continue reading

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Video: DEA Recruits Lil Wayne to Use Up All Drugs in Mexico

Oh man…this is too much right here haha

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Play With Fire

As a beatmaker and heavy sampler, it’s always fun to hear original samples and how producers choose to use them (particularly if a lot has been changed from the original). From time to time I’m going to present some of … Continue reading

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