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Road trip to oblivion

I could have been on this one. I guess I’ll have to settle for the pictures. More madness at Greetings From the Outside.

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Dipped in the Freshest Flesh

You will see me rocking, at very least, the shovel logo tee. Been had that for 2 years. Special edition. Time has finally caught up with me. Alex, consider this my wish list. Peep the latest collection from the boys … Continue reading

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Support good music

Above please find a picture of my perpetually pasty hand holding a copy of Sir Lucious Left Foot. I bought it. It’s awesome. I feel really good about myself. I think I’m gonna take a nice big sleep and just … Continue reading

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Playing with fire

I know a thing or two about matches and fire. Be safe children. Get your matches, crewnecks, t-shirts, and weird pictures of half naked French girls from the boys at CBD.

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Alexander Hollender is a really neat guy

and you should absolutely spend some time in his playpen. I promise he knows how to share his toys much better than I.

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It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world

And it’s full of shapes, functions, math, crazy shit I don’t understand. Here’s a series of photographs of nature matched with graphical overlays representing mathematical functions that closely mimic the shapes found in the landscapes. Created by mathematician Nikki Graziano.

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Everything in LA ain’t always what it seems…

Some photos from a recent excursion to LA by my boy Sam Barrocas from Vermont. LA may be the city of dreams, but Vermont is the home of cheddar, white kids who love Wu Tang, old hippies, and dope photographers. … Continue reading

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