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When I was a kid I listened to stone cold playa shit

As I get older and more self-aware, I get worse. When I was 8, I didn’t know what an “E-40” or “G-Funk” was, but I knew “Exercise Yo Game” was what was really good. If you’re not at least a … Continue reading

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Before Coolio cooked up caprese salads

Before this: There was this: You can tell me this doesn’t absolutely bump, but I simply won’t listen to you. From Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise, one of the more unfairly ignored albums of the waning years of G-Funk. Obviously, Coolio’s monolithic … Continue reading

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As if life couldn’t get any better…

“Cookin with Coolio” need not only be enjoyed in printed form. For those of you out there who are like me and consider “Food Network Challenge” the unofficial fifth major sport, please enjoy an episode of “Cookin with Coolio.” In … Continue reading

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The joke that tells itself, the gift that keeps on giving…

Coolio. I know you remember him. You know: “Gangsta’s Paradise.” Crack charges. Dracula 3000? Well, other than being a fine actor, rapper, and vampire rapist, Coolio is also a tight ass chef. How do I know this? I know this … Continue reading

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