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…Until then…

Cam’ron feat. Twista – Follow U on Twitter Twista, Cam’ron, Digital Romance… (||) The Perfect song for that Perfect lady you want to get closer to…140 characters at a time

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Killa! Prince!

This tape, as it turns out, is a few years old, but well worth sharing. I have never made it a secret that I like Cam’ron. Purple Haze ate a solid year of my listening life, if not more. It … Continue reading

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Clipse’s Casket: Is This the Funeral?

Every now and then, friend, film buff, and general music enthusiast Brandon Colvin will drop by to share his musings and opinions. Enjoy his thoughts on the Clipse’s new album Til the Casket Drops. For diehard Clipse fans (myself included), … Continue reading

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“Rock pastel with Gucci on…”

Celebration music. The jam of all jams. Back when Cam’ron was the most entertaining rapper around. 2 year period. Purple Haze. Do the knowledge on that. Can’t ever turn this one off when it comes on. Sorry Mr. West is … Continue reading

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