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“Iron” – Woodkid (video)

Jay-Z called, he wants the “On to the Next One” vid back. Kanye called, he wants his taiko drums and general bombast back. Kidding aside, Woodkid’s “Iron” is fantastic, booming music for impending battle, whether you’re tackling an essay or … Continue reading

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All Nightmare Everything (video) And a day after posting up the my demented take on “Machine Gun Funk,” Mr. Shabazz himself rolls through with an equally delirious visual. Don’t OD. Until we motherfuckin’ meet again…

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Serotonin by Copywrite (video) Another one from Ricky Shabazz and his boys of Boom Bapness. That boy Nicolas Heller is wicked with a camera. Diggin the track too, haven’t peeped the new Copywrite out yet but I might just have to…

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Do the Right Thing

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The Narcicyst ft. Shadia Mansour – Hamdulillah

Eskay of said all that needs to be said: This is a really beautiful video and a great song by The Narcicyst, an artist from Montreal by way of Basra, Iraq. This type of visual is especially powerful during … Continue reading

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Must I reveal more sin?

These guys occasionally post dope things. Mostly they’re just a bunch of weirdos. So if you want pictures of naked women, Samuel Becket quotes, beats made by my friends, and feelings of extreme internet inferiority, watch the hours melt away … Continue reading

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