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Road trip to oblivion

I could have been on this one. I guess I’ll have to settle for the pictures. More madness at Greetings From the Outside.

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Dipped in the Freshest Flesh

You will see me rocking, at very least, the shovel logo tee. Been had that for 2 years. Special edition. Time has finally caught up with me. Alex, consider this my wish list. Peep the latest collection from the boys … Continue reading

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Must I reveal more sin?

These guys occasionally post dope things. Mostly they’re just a bunch of weirdos. So if you want pictures of naked women, Samuel Becket quotes, beats made by my friends, and feelings of extreme internet inferiority, watch the hours melt away … Continue reading

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I do it for the love…

Sign yo name on the dotted liiiiiine. “Contract” – Lil’ Jon & the East Side Boyz From the pretty faces and ample bosom of Everything You Love to Hate.

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Playing with fire

I know a thing or two about matches and fire. Be safe children. Get your matches, crewnecks, t-shirts, and weird pictures of half naked French girls from the boys at CBD.

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Arms and Armor

AND Greatdayindamornin’. Also kicked it with my new main girl. Arms and Armor

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Kate Keifer’s “The Evolution of the Hipster”

“Kid, don’t front, you know I got you open…” Stumbled upon this over on the old blue bird. Paste Mag‘s Kate Keifer presents to you the “evolution of the hipster”…pretty accurate stuff if you ask me haha.

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