The time has come…

It is time to close the doors here at You Must Learn.

Though I likely should have made this announcement some months ago, the decision has only come into clear focus within the last few weeks. I’ve abandoned these shores for the greener (read: faster) pastures of tumblr with Yaks Might Leak…which I may now call You Must Learn. I’m not sure. I’m also blogging for, where you can catch all of the glorious thinkpieces you weren’t missing from my days of more frequent posting.

To eulogize a bit: You Must Learn was started over two years ago by my main man Nick Heller, who has since gone on to become quite the music video director. Sometime in late 2009, I grabbed the reigns of YML and steered it toward my own deranged creative vision. Which is to say it never really cohered into much more than posts about Yelawolf songs, rambling near 2000 word dedications to Rich Boy, and extreme invectives against Drake (the most offensive of which has since been deleted, not because the Illuminati got to me, but because…well the reason isn’t important, but don’t try to find it, it’s not here). I always wanted to redesign and refocus YML. The time was never right, and, so, rather than paring things down and creating something with a clearer vision, I just sort of stopped posting this May. I made the jump to Tumblr and basically kept doing everything I was doing here.

With new opportunities arising (and a few things still waiting in the wings), You Must Learn no longer really makes sense. I’m not sure who will read this final post, but thanks to anyone and everyone that has spent any time on You Must Learn over the last 2+ years. You helped validate my rampant egomania and simultaneously temper it by occasionally telling me (online and, more importantly, in person) that I was a raving, pedantic lunatic and that no one cares about a Rich Boy essay.

Peace to the gods.

Photo by Joe Perez

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