Dearest anyone who stumbles upon You Must Learn,

As you may have noticed if you check in here regularly, things have crept to somewhat of a halt since April.

This post is not the return of the gangsta, but rather a message that our hiatus is going to be a little bit longer. I’m currently switching over to posterous as a blogging platform because WordPress just ain’t doin it right. The return of YML will feature a bit more focused content, a new contributor, and a few goodies in the way of pieces I’ve been planning for a while.

For now, you can do the knowledge over at Yaks Might Leak, a little tumblr that’s going to supplement You Must Learn from now until the next rapture, whenever that may be. You can also catch frequent contributions from me for my main man Rajib’s spot, Whole Wheat Cracker.

So hang tight and respect the Yak.

Update: You can also peep some new posts from Mr. Nicolas Heller and I at Free Shabazz, the latest blogging venture from the illegitimate children of Ricky Shabazz.

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