The Round Up (4/13/11)

In my ongoing attempts to bring you music that I love, The Round Up is going to provide a weekly window into the new (and occasionally not so new) songs that are the populating my playlists. Expect it every Wednesday. Hold me to my word. (right click tracks to download)

A bit on the light side this week because I’m stuck for the most part on a steady listening diet of Sunni Colon and A.Dd+, but here are a few jams that have broken into rotation.

“Get Her High” – Lunice ft. ST 2 Lettaz & DaVinci

I had a theory that 808s and Heartbreak would become a production benchmark in spite of the confusion and bitterness it engendered. Like most half assed theories about culture, time didn’t provide the evidence I hoped for. 40 gave So Far Gone and Thanke Me Later a bit of 808’s atmospherics and Clams Casino has sort of blown out the formula to hazy extremes. Lunice is a producer from Montreal who takes pieces of Southern Hip-Hop, trance-Hop, and 808 snares to create a stew that points to the influence of Kanye’s underrated vanity project while jumping in a far more propulsive and structured direction. Oh, and DaVinci raps well. He always does.

“Yes Indeed (G-Girls)” – The Foodchain

Hooray for mixed sex metaphors! Hooray for a Vlasic pickles reference in a rap song! Hooray for this BEAT. I am coming off like an extremely poor researcher right now, but here it goes: I know nothing about The Foodchain. I have their mixtape/album on my hard drive and I want to give the entire thing a shot. I just can’t get past this song. It’s hypnotic, it’s got traces of hyphy, of whatever Bangladesh hath wrought, and a little extra bass for good measure. I am down to hear this all day every day when the rain in NY decides to go away for good.

“Hippie Glue (Licorice Whip Mix)” – Charlie Blacksmoke and the Swamp Energy Mass Choir

If Bilal burst into flames while colliding with Prince in a chess game played by J Dilla and Maxwell, it might begin to describe what Charlie Blacksmoke’s “Hippie Glue” sounds like. Deep in the reaches of lost 90s/early 2000s music is a singer named Keziah Jones who made some incredible, idiosyncratic funk/rock/soul records. If you find them, you’ll understand what this means: Charlie Blacksmoke is a robot Keziah Jones. Charlie Blacksmoke is a future none of us are ready for. If you have sex to this you will turn into a Philip K Dick novel as read by Barry White.

“Let’s Ride” – Shane Eli ft. Playboy Tre & Rittz

At present I know two things about Shane Eli: he hails from Los Angeles and he has impeccable taste in co-stars. Eli holds his own against two rapping heavyweights over a suitably bumpin beat. Predictably, Tre and Rittz deliver the goods (particularly Rittz who continues to impress on a technical level on the heels of White Jesus). It’s close enough to summer for this one to be played at obnoxious volumes on warm days. You can never have enough songs about riding around, being cool, and having sex in your car.

“Say You’ll Go” – Anais Aida & DannyBe

A beautiful cover of a beautiful Janelle Monae song by Anais Aida & DannyBe, students of NYU’s Clive Davis School of Recorded Music. I think this one speaks for itself.

And now, for no reason, here’s a picture of Waka Flocka and his new best friend.

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