The Round Up (4/6/11)

In my ongoing attempts to bring you music that I love, The Round Up is going to provide a weekly window into the new (and occasionally not so new) songs that are the populating my playlists. Expect it every Wednesday. Hold me to my word. (right click tracks to download)

A bit pressed for time this week and I do enough blabbering anyway. Here’s what’s been occupying my headphones in the last week.

“Drive It Like You Stole It” – Wildabeast ft. Jelani

About four or five (maybe even six?) years ago I was introduced to Jelani by a mutual friend. I knew he was an ill rapper then and it’s nice to see him getting shine now. He’s dropped some really strong tracks over the last few weeks after taking a brief hiatus from rapping to work on his mixing and mastering. Here he and fellow NY emcee Wildabeast rip a fresh

“Too Tough to Die” by Sunni Colon

So this isn’t super new (dropped in mid-March), but in light of Sunni’s recent presence in The Round Up, I figured no one would mind a bit more dopeness from the man. Like “Shoota,” “Too Tough to Die” relies more on rock pyrotechnics and melodic force than traditional Hip-Hop drums. The percussion is propulsive, pushing Sunni and singer Martina Topley-Bird into inspired performances. Sunni’s first verse is a MONSTER. Listen to this shit and feel invincible.

“Orange Blossom” – Gardens & Villa (link will take you to Mediafire, was having some trouble with this one…damn internets)

All indie/alt-rock (I always feel like a tourist when I’m speaking about rock or anything vaguely rock-y) should have basslines this funky. The lyrics are a bit on the silly side, but the vocals do their MGMT-esque thing (does his comparison stick? maybe!) and the shimmery, synth heavy arrangement certainly satisfies, especially during that rainy purgatory as winter lurches to spring.

“Milky Syrup” – KC 2.0

KC 2.0 is a member of NRK, the talented Atlanta collective with ties to Odd Future. I recently interviewed Pyramid Vritra (rapper and producer in NRK, whose epic-length song “Elenor” you should absolutely check out and be awed by) and he brought up KC’s upcoming material a number of times throughout the conversation. The name wasn’t familiar, so I dug through ye old iPod. “Milky Syrup” was my prize. Dense rhymes over a dark, spacy beat. “Lost pyramid languages?” Yes, please.

“Kill the Boy” – Emeli Sandé

You can never have enough acoustic soul. It appears Sandé has had some success in Scotland (where’s she’s from) and the UK. Not sure what the market is for a song like “Kill the Boy,” but here’s to hoping a bit of that Adele magic dust rubs off on Sandé and she can find success stateside.

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