Elephants at the Door by Dumbo Gets Mad

I discovered Dumbo Gets Mad through the infectious and quirky single “Eclectic Prawn” last year. A few days ago, I received a press release and download link for the one man band’s latest album, Elephants at the Door. It’s a satisfying, sludgy, psych rock record with lots of a feel good grooves and influences from all over the map (great to see someone in rock sampling and not just leaving it to Beck and Danger Mouse to say “hey guys! samplers!! NEATO!!!”). Check out my two current favorites from the album–“Harmony” and “Marmelade Kids”–and biographical info about Dumbo below.


“Marmelade Kids”

Dumbo Gets Mad emerged in the summer of 2010 in Northern Italy and has now migrated to Los Angeles. His initial aim was to lay down some marvelous music in an organic manner, open to whatever direction the tunes took during the recording session. The first published track was Plumy Tale, which received positive reviews from a number of music blogs. Dumbo then decided to work on a debut album with an express goal and spirit in mind: “No matter what it sounded like, it had to be psychedelic!”

The result is Elephants at the Door. The album was recorded sans fancy technology, using old-fashioned equipment like analog synthesizers and tape machines—and lots of good vibes.

Download the album here for the simple price of a retweet or Facebook like.

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