Elenor by Pyramid Vritra

I’ve been up on the NRK (Nobody Really Knows) collective since late last year. Affiliates of Odd Future, they provide a slightly mellower more introspective take on the synth heavy experiments of their much buzzed about brethren. “Elenor” by Pyramid Vritra is a stunning testament to this, an 18 minute tour de force featuring the young emcee venting relationship frustrations over a series of dense, dynamic beats.

I’m not sure what to call “Elenor”–it definitely has a number of discrete sections, but each one centers (for the most part) on the titular Elenor and it’s presented as a single file. It doesn’t really matter. “Elenor” is by far and away the most developed and breathtaking release I’ve heard from these guys and hints at the possibilities of the sound that’s being cultivated by NRK and OF right now. Get lost in this one.

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One Response to Elenor by Pyramid Vritra

  1. dan says:

    Progressive hip-hop.

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