You know that you wrong

“Prideful” – Nickelus F

Oh, but this one feels right. As I mentioned in my Criss Lyric post, I’d been looking for an excuse to post “Prideful”–the song that introduced me to Nickelus F.

I’m pressed for time as I post this, but I wanted to get it up because the song has been on my for the last two weeks. I first heard “Prideful” sometime in 2009 and played the hell out of it. The chorus, the general sentiment of the song, Nick’s delivery and wit, a beat that’s weighty and grand without being overblown (reminiscent of some of Isaac Hayes’ most sample worthy works)–the song’s elements hovered around in the back of my head even after I had more than gotten my fill. It just kept coming back, so I had to share.

“Prideful” is simple–Nickelus F is full of himself–but clever enough to get away with it and breathe a bit of life into a concept that’s as old as Hip-Hop itself.

Get your lean on to “Prideful,” roll up into the club, jump on the bar, down a bottle of champagne, light $20’s on fire and throw them into the crowd. This yo’ fuckin’ song!!

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