Bad Grammar by Passalacqua

Now this is that shit right here. Maybe it’s the fact that the sun is setting on what’s been a surprisingly beautiful day in New York, maybe Radiohead’s got me in a nostalgic daze (something about listening to “Lotus Flower” in excess of two hours every day since the King of Limbs dropped has either frozen me in time or shot me deep into the past). Maybe it’s just this beat and the way Blak Smith and Mister of Passalacqua rap that has me floating down memory lane and waiting for spring to hit for real so I can go outside and do the nothing that I do in my room during the winter.

I admittedly don’t know much about Passalacqua or its members, and unfortunately that great journalistic aid Google has yielded precious few results (unless you’re looking for the Passalacqua Winery). They’re apparently a group of 3 (the aforementioned emcees and producer Dr. B) from Detroit, which possibly opens the door for comparisons to the whole Subterraneous Records crew (Binary Star, Decompoze, Trackezoids, Athletic Mic League, and their affinities for jazzy beats with boom bap edge and dense multi-syllabic rapping). “Bad Grammar” could be from 1996 but it works today because it’s executed with care and talent, a lot like a Golden Era revivalist take on a beat that might appear on one of Curren$y’s Pilot Talk albums. It’s dope, check it out and support Passalacqua if you’re feelin it.

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