I used to have this cuckoo clock that would bother my grandfather clock

“The Grandfather Clock” – Aceyalone

Even though I can’t really nerd out and listen to A Book of Human Language from front to back like I used to, remains, in my mind, one of the unsung masterpieces of late 90s Hip-Hop and a strong argument for why rappers should work with individual rappers more often. Beat maker Mumbles provided one of the most invigorating takes on jazzy Hip-Hop for Aceyalone to wig out and write strange, intricate, witty observational rap music. I don’t know that an album like Book existed before or will ever be made again, so every now and then I have to break out a few of my absolute favorite tracks and celebrate the gift of such a beautifully bizarre and singular experience. “The Grandfather Clock” is the song that I come back to most frequently as years go by. As far as meditations on time go, there are few as entertaining and haunting. And that beat!

Do your physics homework to this shit and enter the fourth dimension with me.

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