Slack by JUJ

Better late than never–as Nastradamus said, never on schedule but always on time. Way back in the depths of September, I got an e-mail from Keith, an occasional correspondent and member of the Huh What & Where collective. He put me on to the latest release by HW&W and Wedidit Collective affiliate JUJ. As usual, I’ll let the e-mail from Keith do it’s thang thang:

So as the HW&W label stays hard at work trying to gain some momentum and build further…

We are proud to introduce the latest endeavor, another beat tape/instrumental opus.

JUJ “Slack”

The Wedidit Collective representative let loose his latest collection of blaps, slaps & beatscapes.

You can download it at the HW&W site (linked above) or at HW&W’s Bandcamp page. Posting a couple of my favorite tracks below.

“Pomegranate Limeade” ft. Bee

“Mbira Spirit”

Always nice to see new material from these guys. I can’t say I’m super familiar with the whole “LA beats” scene that their sound seems reminiscent of, but I’ve dug both the releases that I’ve peeped from them. It toes the line between classic sound signposts and more fragmented Prefuse 73/Fly Lo/Madlib type stuff–all of it ripe for emcee ripping (or, in the case of “Pomegranate Limeade,” ethereal singing).

I also met one of members of the Wedidit Collective this Fall (Dr. Blount) and he seemed like an all-around good dude and dope producer. Wasn’t aware HW&W and Wedidit were connected, but it’s nice to know talented cats are revolving around each other. Creativity requires community. Keep on pushin, guys.

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