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A little game…

A bit of background before we dive in. I intern at WKCR, Columbia University’s radio station. A few months ago, host Sucio Smash was removed from the station’s only Hip-Hop show, then Squeeze Radio (the successor to Stretch and Bobbito’s … Continue reading

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I feel exceedingly stupid for showing up late to this party

This post is simply a matter of inventory, noting that I have discovered one of many albums I overlooked last year–Bilal’s Airtight’s Revenge–and it is pretty spectacular. Another triumph for weirdo, glitchy, Sa-Ra/Fly Lo/Post-Dilla soul experiments a la Erykah Badu’s … Continue reading

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On writing and the instability of words (briefly)

“One time, I was driving from some party and a friend of mine’s girlfriend (or maybe just some girl he was fucking) who I had just met maybe two hours before, remarked on the skepticism that seemed to soak my … Continue reading

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May everyday be your worst day

As humans, whether we’re writers or not, we constantly seek to place everything in tidy narrative. Headaches, heart break, bathroom trips, Thursday nights playing Madden and drinking cheap champagne–we attempt to shove all of it into a larger continuum that … Continue reading

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Do you know what a cool kid I was??

Now you know.

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3D Paintings by Xia Xiaowan and David Spriggs

I haven’t seen a movie in 3D that I’ve liked and I still think it’s pretty superfluous (but what do I know? My favorite movie is Training Day.) All of that would probably change if painter Xia Xiaowan made a … Continue reading

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Living Proof

Another remix. This one comes from summer 2004 I believe, when I was listening to a lot of Nas and a lot of reggae. So I combined the two for this little number. Nas’ “Get Down” and some upbeat riddims. … Continue reading

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