15 More Favorite Songs from 2010

Alright, I’m bad at limits. Here are 15 more songs I really enjoyed this year. All of these were on the cusp of inclusion on the main list. All of these are great. If anything, my indecision and inability to confine my choices to just one list should reflect what a good year I think it was for music, specifically Hip-Hop (a few non-Hip-Hop choices, of course, managed to sneak their way onto these lists). No order, brief commentary.

“Gun Sounds” – Mellowhype (the best record Waka Flocka didn’t make this year, complete with better rapping; beat is tough)
“Peripheral Visionaries” – Young Galaxy (shiny, lilting, star-gazing pop; beautiful)
“Tears of Joy” – Rick Ross ft. Cee-Lo (my god the way Cee-Lo belts that chorus; continued signs of Rick Ross’s improvement as a rapper, and what a beat for him to rap to!)
“Clean Ass Whip” – DaVinci ft. San Quinn (smooth west coast mid 90s-style playa shit)
“fight” – Skipp Coon & Mr. Nick (don’t listen to this after listening to “Rollin,” you might punch a hole through your roof; Skipp and Nick get angry, dopeness ensues)
“Luper” – Earl Sweatshirt (Earl getting emotional over a girl, then killing her–surprise! great beat, great rhyming)
“Devil in a New Dress” – Kanye West ft. Rick Ross (guitar solos, piano-fied indulgence, jokes about jerk chicken, yeah it’s all here and it’s all beautiful)
“Council Music” – Vado (HUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHH!)
“Eclectic Prawn” – Dumbo Gets Mad (now if we’re gonna call anything quirky, how about a vaguely Cibo Matto-esque song about a prawn king? Now THAT is certified weird and fresh)
“The Heart Pt. 2” – Kendrick Lamar ft. Dash Snow (the track that convinced me Kendrick Lamar is one to watch)
“Moon & Stars” – Big K.R.I.T. ft. Devin the Dude (smooth playa shit, southern edition–it’s hard not to feel stylish with this beat on and K.R.I.T. and Devin kickin it like they kick it)
“Bright Lights, Bigger City” – Cee-Lo (make you feel good, make you feel alright)
“Champagne” – Wafeek (beautiful beat, Wafeek breakin down the love rap)
“A Son’s Cycle” – RJD2 ft. The Catalyst, Illogic, and NP (I have a soft spot for conceptual rap with no real reason for its existence other than a bunch of guys getting together and saying “hey, no one’s ever rapped about different phases of the sun’s progress in the sky and how they relate to life on earth before!” “yeah and no one’s ever rapped from the perspective of the sun, we should do that!” Also, RJD2 proves he can still produce the ever-loving cinematic hell out of a beat)

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