Photos from Juice – Ernest R. Dickerson, 1992. I’m sparing few words on Juice at the moment because it figures prominently into a thesis that is due in approximately one month. To that end, I’m trying to save up the mental energy to watch and write about this movie (which I love) on an almost daily basis. So forgive me if this is a bit more terse than my usual write up. I felt the need to put a new Film Stills post up, so I reached for the closest film at hand. Juice features 2 Pac at his best, a performer capable of oscillating between calm and paroxysm at a moment’s notice. It is too reductive to portray his performance as a young man’s descent into madness, but Pac embodies a delicate balancing act and eventual crossing of the proverbial “point of no return” with fierce emotion and desperation that makes it difficult to classify his character solely as a sociopath. Ernest Dickerson, cinematographer for Spike Lee on a number of projects (Do the Right Thing Included), does a fine job directing the film’s proceedings, presenting a few stunning images and occasionally approaching scenes with a stylistic astringency reminiscent of some of the more confrontational moments of DtRT (though with out as much of the haunting impact). An energetic portrait of early 90s Harlemite life (this, too, is reductive, but give me a break for the moment if you will; brevity is the current goal).

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