The Return of the Gangsta…

…is not occurring at this time. Those loyal readers that we do have (shout out to you, whomever you are, for wading through infrequent posts and a high Yelawolf/Odd Future/Rich Boy ratio among those posts) may have noticed a distinct dip in posts over the last two months. Life throws crazy twists that make blogging regularly difficult. But, just like El Nino and the aliens that built the pyramids, I will be back to collect my revenge and reveal the bountiful treasure of lost Tupac recordings that is currently buried under the pyramids. I promise. Year end lists in the next few weeks and all that jazz.

So for the time being, here’s a little something from the workshop to tide over the true believers. The beat’s called “The Devil’s Dictionary” (which you can download here) and it’s one of the many strange examples of what it has sounded like in my mind over the past two months. So take that for what it’s worth and enjoy the beat.

Oh, and I almost forgot my favorite thing in the world: pictures from nature that strike fear and awe deep into my brain.

Spotted deep in the archives of The Big Picture.

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