New Music Round Up vol. 2

Just a couple jams this time around, in light of the fact that Kanye’s magnum opus currently makes up the majority of my listening.

Pilot Talk 2 – Curren$y

“Hold On”

After posting the last New Music Round Up–which featured Curren$y’s intoxicating “Michael Knight”–I fell heavily into playlist’s filled with Spitta’s barely four month old Pilot Talk. The sequel dropped this week and it’s largely more of the same, but in this case that’s a phenomenal thing. On first listen the production seems more consistently complex and layered, Curren$y does his woozy, mystical Curren$y thang, and the pairing of Ski and Curren$y continues to prove a fantastic tag team. I’m not yet sure the highs are quite as high as some of PT I’s best moments (nothing on first listen fills the headphones quite like “Breakfast” and “Skybourne” did, but those also took a bit of time to set in so I’ll be patient). I posted “Hold Up” above because it’s been my most played track in the two days I’ve had the album. Favorites may shift, but that’s the jam for now.

“Die Fightin” – Skipp Coon & Mr. Nick

Many words have been spent here in support of Skipp and Nick’s particular brand of revolution music. And if it’s a revolution you want, then “Die Fightin” is the perfect bluesy, lumbering beast to foment your anger. Nick provides the aforementioned blues-tinged sound bed for Skipp to preach over. I’ve said my piece on what I love about Skipp as a rapper and Nick as a producer, and since I’m not particularly feeling redundancy on this dreary Tuesday, just listen to the music.

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