Say it like you mean it

One thing I’ve found in listening to a lot of young rappers is that passion is most often the missing element that derails what might otherwise be intriguing rapping. Danny Brown and Don Trip have passion in spades and also happen to be dope rappers (I’ve heard nothing from either that would lead me to believe otherwise). Great rapping is great theater, it’s understanding when to turn it up and turn it down, how to play with the scenery and when to let the scenery play on its own–in terms of rap knowing how to play to the distinct elements of each new beat you spit on. As always, there’s more to say, but these are songs that came up recently in my interwebs travels and struck me as particularly strong, current examples of what can happen when you put a little conviction in your voice.

Also in one song Don Trip says “my necklace is a kumquat.” That shit’s balled out.

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