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Strange Universe pt. 2

Yes yes yes. So much more at Fuck Yeah The Universe.

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Give it here, don’t say nothin’

Some verses don’t really need editorializing. Verse 2 of Wafeek’s “Hush” falls in that category. It’s late, I’m sleep deprived, and this came on in the midst of a Curren$y and Odd Future laced playlist. And was a nice shot … Continue reading

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Voice on the Floor

This summer at the Telluride Film Festival I had the pleasure of volunteering alongside film enthusiast, sportswriter/NBA encyclopedia, and, most importantly, concessions stand whiz Matt Moore (a member of ESPN’s True Hoop Network, whose writing you can read at his … Continue reading

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one of the most serious records of all time

This shit makes me want to break the sky open or eat earth’s core or slap box with Idi Amin. Or something. I don’t know.

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Spectacular song (I remember hearing this shortly after “Grindin” dropped–thanks to the magic of Kazaa–and being completely overwhelmed by the beat, which still snarls and thumps with a fury that I think Clipse and the Neptunes only captured again on … Continue reading

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Oh, and one more thing

“Ain’t No Thang” by Outkast. I don’t need a specific reason or context to post this. It’s my favorite song of all time.

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New music round up: familiar sounds, familiar faces

“Michael Knight” by Curren$y (prod. Ski Beatz) Prior to hearing “Michael Knight” last week, I’d paid little attention to Curren$y (no hate, I just never really got around to it). I’ve yet to peep the rest of his catalogue, but … Continue reading

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