Headnodders vol. II by Bahwee

Every now and then we get e-mailed submissions of music to our humble little corner of the internet. God knows why. I’d rather sit around posting pictures of volcano-scorched landscapes and ranting about Rich Boy, but for some reason we get submissions. It’s not often that I recognize where they’re from. A couple weeks ago one of the fellas from HW&W Recordings (a site I’ve pillaged for photos in the recent past) sent me an e-mail about Headnodders vol. II, a new beat tape by producer Bahwee. I’ll let the e-mail do the talking:

Now 22 and the youngest of the crew, Bahwee is strangely enough the next to bat for a roster boasting heavy, heavy talent. The Flavors EP is an astounding response to its predecessor and deserving of its own separate piece, slated to be released with MHD x HW&W Recordings late September…There is much more to all this than meets the eye. He and I seem to have this understanding that this isn’t at all near his best work and the idea of sitting down with me to talk about his self described “shitty beattape” is absurd to him. Even so, I was intrigued and I’ve practically put the damn thing on repeat ever since I got it from J. Swift over at HW&W.
“I can’t even explain it. It’s not too deep. I just do it… for me and because I love it. I have no real reason, its just.. who I am. I’m not saying this to sound arrogant, because I am, obviously the worlds illest producer, but, I.. make what I love and I love what I make. There’s not much else to it. I just dig some of my friend’s music a lot, lot more…” He states his influences as those same friends, women in general, & films in general. I have no choice but to believe him when he says that over 60 percent his catalogue is dipset-themed “murder music.” He is an avid supporter of 1017 brick squad and states that wakaflockaflame is, and I quote hear, “misunderstood by the bloggers, like you.” The instrumental to G Unit – “I Wanna Get To Know You” is what inspired him to start producing tracks semi-seriously in high school with friend Jay Rocas and he states that co.fee, fellow labelmate & MHD-er , as genuinely “one of his favorite producers out there.” As for his next move, who knows, “the streets and the open share community might not feel me like that and I might go back to making beats just for the love. (laughs).” “It doesn’t matter if it’s some ADWA, next level shit or some glossy, r&b record on bet, if it hits, it hits and it’s all the same feeling to me. I never thought about it like that but I guess that’s why I make all sorts of random shit. I mean it’s different, like strands, but if its bomb it hits. And that feeling you get like when T played me lotus for the first time, if there’s a few people out there who get anything similar to that from my music or whatever, which they wont by the way, then that’s what its about man. Just connecting with people. It’s real man, there are so many sick musicians that no one knows about…but slowly we’re all finding each other somehow, we’re the next generation.” headnodders vol. ii is scheduled to drop the weekend of September 5th with MHDxHW&W.

So, obviously, September 5th came and went I neglected to post this up. Mea culpa guys. Anyway, late music is better than no music at all, and there are some definite bangers on this one. I’ve posted up a few of my favorites and the download link below. Here’s to the next generation. Enjoy.

“Warble” – Bahwee

“Got To Be” – Bahwee

“Bollywood” – Bahwee

Download: Headnodders Vol. II by Bahwee

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