Bump O’ Clock

This picture has nothing to do with anything, but I think it's the closest man has ever come to perfection. So here it is.

There is so much happening in life right now that I’ve been neglecting my usual posting duties. It’s not the first time, it won’t be the last time. Just wanted to send out a beacon to let the true believers know your boy is still alive and broadcasting live from the eye of utter obscurity.

To keep things relevant, Black Milk just released a new album, Album of the Year, and it’s really, extremely dope. Big Boi’s album is still the album of the year, despite Black Milk’s clever little title, but AotY is certainly a gem of super well-produced post-Dilla Hip-Hop. What’s spectacular about Black MIlk’s production style on AotY is his ability to take the well worn stylistic sign posts of Dilla/Ummah/1000 other derivative producers-sound and infuse them with incredible energy and depth. Songs like “Gospel Psychedelic Rock” (which owes as much to Outkast as it does Mr. Dilla) and the dusty digital sparse banger “Warning (Keep Bouncing)” display just how versatile and interesting this sort of true-school inspired rap can still be. “Black and Brown” featuring Detroit emcee Danny Brown, a recent noisemaker on these here interwebs, might be the real revelation of the album, a full on boom bap symphony that shows tried and true ideas can produce extremely satisfying results when executed with precision and obvious care (having a nice melody is also always a plus). I wouldn’t say that Black Milk’s work is groundbreaking, but it feels like a well-considered, masterfully excited labor of love in an age of casually tossed off waves of mixtapes and meandering undercooked youtube videos (no Lil’ B). So here’s “Gospel Psychedelic Rock,” which is fantastic and will be in rotation for quite some time. Enjoy and keep your eyes peeled for the real deal.

Also I have a lot of words dedicated to Odd Future coming soon. I don’t know how soon. I don’t know if it matters. If you’re not listening to Odd Future yet, you’re either squeamish or deaf. Also, if you need more good music to fill your otherwise silent hours, Roach Gigz, Dam Funk, the Major Lazer/La Roux mixtape, and the homies Skipp Coon and Mr. Nick are currently filling out the rotation. And Big Boi, because Sir Lucious Left Foot hasn’t stopped being dope. If you like good music, you have no reason to complain at the moment.

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