Think global, buy local

Local, in this instance, being the miraculous town of Telluride, Colorado, which each year at this time is transformed into the grounds of one of the world’s finest film festivals, the Telluride Film Festival (TFF). I have been here for four days manning the cash register at an outdoor concessions stand, which, if this whole film/music/writing thing doesn’t work out, would appear to be my calling in life.

Of course, I can’t tell you much about the films because there are men from Fox Searchlight with AR-15’s patrolling the streets killing bloggers and people with cameras. It’s real in the mountains. Cell phones are off the minute you step into a venue, never mind the theater itself. BlackBerry and iPhone screens are tiny glowing death wishes. TFF is for movies and people who love them unconditionally. If you happen to love movies and you get the chance, you are obligated to set up camp during Labor Day weekend in this surreally beautiful town before you die.

Enjoy a few mediocre BlackBerry photos from my journey.

The above image appears on every trash can in Telluride.

Also, if you are at all into documentaries, incredible characters, the absurdity of real life, bondage, Mormons, kidnapping, prostitution, cloning, or Errol Morris, you must see his latest film, Tabloid. It’s like Capote lit on fire and tied to a blow up doll, which is to say incredibly sharp, utterly perverse, frighteningly revealing, and hilarious in the face of the daunting insanity of the human race. Sharp editing shapes the chaos of the proceedings with a unique and satisfying rhythm. Here’s a blurb from the TFF program guide, written by Jason Silverman, festival publications editor.

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