“Now ‘gwan suck it up
But hurry I got nuts to bust
And butts to fuck and ups to chuck
And sluts to fuckin’ uppercut”

From “Earl” by Earl Sweatshirt (Listen below).

That might be the most essential, striking four bars in Hip-Hop this year. I’m not first to the Odd Future party (Noz hopped on that earliest, to the best of my knowledge, and our own Nicolas Heller has counted the video for this very song among his favorites of the year so far). I wanted to take some time, listen to more songs, and gather my thoughts on OF before putting anything in writing.

You know what? That time has not come. I’ve listened to only a handful of OF songs not named “Earl” and I am writing based on gut reaction. Earl is a raw talent, but a talent to be sure, an unrelenting violent rap machine that might best approximate what Soulja Boy would’ve been if he’d grown up listening to Gravediggaz and Esham instead of snap music. Earl and the other members of the Odd Future Wolf Gang will offend you, spit on you, probably smoke/snort your ashes, and pee on your urn. And that’s awesome. Their music has a tangible nihilistic edge that is rare in its presence in music, a negative energy so powerful that it draws in anyone with even a passing interest. I have no idea what I’m even writing right now, I’m under the spell of whatever the fuck they drink in the “Earl” video. Odd Future certainly will not be everyone’s cup of sizzurp, but I strongly recommending spending at least an evening in OF’s world.

There’s plenty more to be said about Odd Future, but, in the wake of a conversation I had about Roc Marciano’s “Panic” and the potency of music that just doesn’t seem to give a fuck about anyone’s opinion, I felt the need to throw this up.

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