Nicolas Heller’s Favorite Music Videos of 2010

What’s Urp fellas… Been a while since I contributed to the blog that used to coincidently be called Glad to be back.

In no particular order, here are my favorite music videos of 2010… Enjoy.

Underwear by FM Belfast (Directed by DANIELS)
DANIELS are made up of Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan, both of whom attended Emerson college with me. Never got to really speak to either of them, but hopefully our paths will cross in the near future. Be on the look out for these kids.

Born Free by M.I.A (Directed by Romain Gavras)
Gavras is responsible for one of my all time favorite music videos, Stress by Justice. Staying in the same vane as his previous videos, the controversial Born Free explores ultraviolence against minorities in a message that only M.I.A herself could co-sign.

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Who Dat by J. Cole (Directed by BBGUN)
I really hate it when people make one shot videos just because they are lazy and don’t know how to use final cut pro, but when it is as complex and enjoyable as “Who Dat,” then I am more than supportive.

Earl by Earl (Directed by AG Rojas)
Damn I wish I was a young and reckless black child. I was so close to making a video very comparable to this but unfortunately/fortunately, Earl got to it first. I’m glad he did. I can watch this joint over and over.

Destroy by C-Rayz Walz (Directed by Nicolas Heller)
Gotta show love to ya boy. Aside from my up and coming joint for Homeboy Sandman, Destroy is definitely one of the best things I have been a part of. This whole thing happened literally within a day of my coming up with the idea. C-Rayz happened to be in boston and I happened to have three mascot outfits… Bong Bong. They rest is history.

Dust Juice by Shyheim (Directed by Niim The Dream)
It honestly doesn’t get much harder than this. I honestly felt dusted watching this shit. This video also answers my question as to whether nudity is permitted on Vimeo. Stay tuned to my videos for 200% more titties.

We are Water by HEALTH (Eric Wareheim)
Wareheim is the shit.

Little Young by Masta Ace and Edo G (Directed by Steven Tapia)
I had the honor of working with Tapia on two projects this summer. He is definitely changing the game as far as hip hop videos are concerned. He can keep it gangster while still creating very intriguing visuals and graphics. I am not sure why more cats don’t hire this fool. One Wayne gets up on Tapia, shits gonna be a wrap.

OG LYRIKALBOOKBAGGER by Kalae All Day (Directed by Mark Carrenceja)
Mark is the man. Seriously once of the most productive directors out there right now. This fool could seriously bang out 10 dope videos a month if he wanted to… Not only that, but he does it all: Films, directs and edits… Looking forward to working with him soon.

Thanx by Fresh Daily (Directed by Nicolas Heller)
Fuck it, it’s my list so I can put myself on here as many times as I want. Although it was a frusturating shoot, I am very happy with the final product here. Fresh was really nice to my grandparents. They now ask more about him than they do me. Thanx, Fresh.


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One Response to Nicolas Heller’s Favorite Music Videos of 2010

  1. Excellent work on both the C-Rayz & Fresh Daily videos.

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