A series of illusions dancing

“Do you know what the man is saying? Do you? This is dialectics. It’s very simple dialectics. One through nine, no maybes, no supposes, no fractions — you can’t travel in space, you can’t go out into space, you know, without, like, you know, with fractions — what are you going to land on, one quarter, three-eighths — what are you going to do when you go from here to Venus or something — that’s dialectic physics, OK? Dialectic logic is there’s only love and hate, you either love somebody or you hate them.”

Dennis Hopper, Apocalypse Now

“Looking for Alien Love” – Yelawolf

Idiosyncrasies! Outer space! The most interesting song of the year! The Dungeon Fam influence goes deeper than Outkast–Yela dances here between the specter of Andre 3000 and the smoky figures of Big Rube and Witchdoctor. The Grade A Muzik beat is dangerously close to not being a beat (the drums that explode in towards the track’s end even feel a bit out of place, an invasion on an otherwise serene, unearthly journey). It’s all very strange and quite the opposite of Yela’s song with Gucci Mane that’s floating around. It feels like the first step on the road to Yela delivering on the thematic promise of his early work and the technical wondrousness of some of the tracks on Trunk Muzik. I’m not sure that this is the song that wins over the holdouts, but it’s certainly a fascinating chapter in the continued growth of Yelawolf’s artistic mythology.

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