The Crazies

Photos from The Crazies – Breck Eisner, 2010. A fairly wonderful, time-tested premise wasted on a jump scare over-reliance, unfortunately cheesy (and often utterly misplaced) dialogue, and a limp to the finish line following an effective, slow burning start. Eisner definitely has a knack for evocative visuals and eerie mood, but his abilities are largely squandered on a film that relies too heavily on house of horrors style surprises and a cliche-ridden dread for the faceless, evil military (a cliche finessed to terrifying effect into the fabric of [Rec], the great Spanish zombie film remade stateside as Quarantine). Somewhere in The Crazies lies a very good, provocative horror film (and almost certainly the film that should have been made with the Resident Evil license).

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