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Put Your House in a Arcade Fire Video! HTML5 Rules. This is really really cool. Β This Arcade Fire film project makes awesome use of HTML 5 (woo Google Chrome). Β You give it an address, and it basically morphs the Google Street view to synchcronize up with the Arcade Fire … Continue reading

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Sound Drugs

Because very little made sense this week, a dormant volcano is erupting in Indonesia, and who knows what’s around the corner. But the homie Thoth might know, so you should listen to him. NOTE: Soundcloud is being moody for some … Continue reading

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The Frightening Beauty of Bunkers

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Relax your mind let your conscience be free

In case Odd Future and Nicki Minaj’s man eating verse on “Monster” are too much for you on a beautiful Sunday afternoon (at least here on the east coast), enjoy some lush, 80s-inspired sounds from Dam Funk. “The Sky is … Continue reading

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Seriously, I don’t know what to think anymore

“Bastard” by Tyler, the Creator. This is absolutely stunning, I don’t really know where to start. Structurally, lyrically, musically–the whole deal. I have to reconsider everything. If you have not yet spent time in Odd Future’s world, for whatever reason, … Continue reading

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One god damn hell of a show

I have officially spent too much time at Alien Landscapes on Planet Earth and, as a consequence, have lost whatever miniscule understanding I had of this world and universe. I give up. Here’s a picture of a sloth.

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Gorilla Pimpin

Dose of swag provided by the Big Picture, where you can peep many other swagnificent, fascinating color photos from early 1900s Russia.

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