Well Great Scott! Is he a thief? It seems like he has a mouth full of gold teeth

“Goodie Bag” – Goodie Mob

“Goodie Bag” has appeared on You Must Learn recently, but it’s been at the top of the rotation lately and so it warrants a bit of discussion. I’m sitting here writing this and having tremendous trouble verbalizing precisely what I’m trying to say, but in short I’ve always felt there is a darkness, a smoky mystical feel that permeates all of Goodie Mob’s music that only occasionally rears its head in that of other members of the Dungeon Fam (except for Witchdoctor, who may have OD’d on mysticism–which is not to say his music isn’t dope, it most certainly is). This soulfulness, teetering between the darkness and the light, makes repeated listens rich with details and meanings I’d missed for years. So listening to “Goodie Bag” on repeat for the last few weeks has felt like some sort of long overdue revelation. I think I’ll attack “Cell Therapy” next.

But then again, what the fuck do I know about the Dirty South right? Oh, well there’s this.

“Dirty South (Remix)” – Goodie Mob ft. Mystikal

Mystikal and the Goodie Mo crew on the same track? Yessir.

Photo and a most glorious collection of Goodie Mob b-sides and rarities (including the above remix) spotted at (where else?) Cocaine Blunts.

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