Headland and Delowe ep. 1: ATL Hip-Hop ’79 – ’til

Dominick Brady brings us an absolutely incredible 35 minutes of music and insight from my second favorite Hip-Hop city (I’m from New York, so it sort of has to be number 1, but Outkast is my favorite group of all time so there’s the balance).

I can’t embed the podcast, but I cannot recommend it highly enough for both fans of the Atlanta scene and novices in the world of the Atliens.

Headland and Delowe.

Description by Brady:

“Headland & Delowe: ATL Hip Hop from ‘79- ‘til

It’s here. The first official episode in my documentary series about ATL Hip Hop.

The city of Atlanta has a complex and long history with Hip Hop going back into the late 1970’s.

Much of this history pre-LaFace records, pre-Outkast and GooDie MoB isn’t known.

Headland & Delowe is a documentary series attempting to weave together the
story lines of the artists, managers, promoters and journalists of Atlanta Hip Hop over the past three decades to get an understanding of where Atlanta Hip Hop has been and where it might be going.
In this episode I speak with pioneers like B-Boy Zapper of ATL’s HBO crew, MC Shy D and DJ Jelly, current stars like Cee-lo, Pill and DJ Mars and underground stalwarts like Senor Kaos and H20.

Welcome to Headland and Delowe.

All the music featured in this episode is Hip Hop from the City of Atlanta.

Music in this episode:
Lil Will ft Cool Breeze – “Looking for Nikki”
MC Shy D – Shake it
Mojo – “Jump Stomp & Twist”
Crime Mob – “Knuck if you Buck” (Instrumental)
Cee-Lo ft GooDie MoB – “Night Train”
Grip plyaz – “You already Know” (Live)
Shawty Lo – “Dey Know” (Instrumental)
Outkast – “Crumblin’ Erb”
Success ‘N Effect – “Freeze”
Mass Influence – “Rhyme Placement”
Sammy Sam – “The Hitman”
Kilo ft. Big Boi – “Love in your Mouth”
Pill – “Hear Somebody Coming”
DJ Spinna ft Senor Kaos – “Just call me Senor”
Ghetto Mafia – “Trap Be Jumping” (Instrumental)
Donnis – “More Fiya”
DG Yola live with the XO Band – “I aint gon’ let up”
Total Running time of 35 minutes.”

UPDATE: Here is a link to download the first episode, but I still implore you to visit Dominick Brady’s site and support his work by providing him with hits. It takes, at most 2 clicks. Maybe 4 if you mess up and click the wrong post by accident.

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  1. Dom says:

    Thanks for the love

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