Ricky, baby…

I like your music, you have a spectacular ear for beats and collaborators. You’re shrewd and–as much as the elitist Northeastern music snob in me hates to admit–you are improving as a rapper (goofy lines a plenty, but hey, who’s perfect?). You have managed to survive continued character assassinations attempts by rival artists and detractors (due in large part to your highly consistent on record mythology and, as previously mentioned, wonderful beat selection). And this song. Well, this is just phenomenal.

“Tears of Joy” – Rick Ross ft. Cee-Lo

Teflon Don might prove even more enjoyable than Deeper Than Rap, and it’s at very least another lush, soulful experience (and you know I love me some soul).

But please, please, please

Stop naming songs after cars. We get it.

Also, favorite albums of the year thus far:

Sir Lucious Left Foot – Big Boi
New Amerykah Pt. 2 – Erykah Badu
Sophomore Slump vol. 1 – Skipp Coon and Mr. Nick
The Day the Turf Stood Still – DaVinci
Trunk Muzik – Yelawolf (mixtape…album…who the hell cares at this point)

Archandroid, How I Got Over, and Teflon Don are hovering in the background.

But I’ve listened to Stankonia more than any other album this year. Because 10 year old Outkast is still 20 years ahead of everything else.

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