Songs that remind you that the Princess is in another castle

Often they can be tacky, but sometimes they can be on point.  Songs that either sample or sound like a super mario platformer can be fresh and here are a few that might get you up and looking for that old Nintendo.  These jams make you wanna stomp the shit outta some Koopas.


Ain’t No Doubt About It – Game feat. Justin Timberlake & Pharell

Right Click – save as

Not sure why this one hasn’t taken off in the top 40 yet.  Fresh fresh summer jam by pharell here.  Justin carries it here, Game is…well some could say Game sold out with this beat…but no one should give a shit because its the Game.

Limited Edition Oj Slammer – Cadence Weapon

Right click – save as

Not sure if this guy has done anything else worthwhile but this beat is tight.  Questionable rapping, and the 2nd half of the song isnt the best but the intro is hot.

Heartbeats – Grum

Right click – save as

Really love this one. Some indie dance electronica fun.  90 seconds in we get some vocals that swift along real nicely.

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