It was all a dream

At least it feels like it was a dream. Jurassic 5. Top ten in sales!?!?!?!? I’m assuming that this is just the Hip-Hop chart. Kinda crazy that 8 of the top 10 are New York/Tri-State area artists, the other 2 are west coasters. Nary a southern artist in sight. Seismic shift in the landscape since then. Also, Extinction Level Event, Flesh of My Flesh, Hard Knock Life 2, Tical 2000, and Jurassic 5 still get spins in iTunes. AND I owned all those CDs. Those were the days.

Also, this:

Which reminded me that there was indeed a time when someone (perhaps Canibus himself) mistook Canibus for a commercially viable artist. Canibus spit some insane verses, but no one is trying to hear about sodium pentathol or ancient Egyptian scrolls up in the club.

Spotted at HW&W.

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