Things done changed

I absolutely owned that Starks card and vividly remember that particular series of Fleer cards–the color of the lettering denoted the rarity. Each card came in the regular gold, blue for tiffany (a step above normal) or silver for crystal (the rarest of the rare). I’m pretty sure I have an Olden Polynice crystal lying around in my room somewhere. But for my money, nothing has ever been as cool as Fleer’s Metal series from the mid/late 90s.

Who doesn’t want a picture of Dennis Rodman surrounded by a molten steel audience?

Pat, Patrick, and John all found at Oakley and Allen. Dennis brought to you by Google and the villain from Terminator 2.

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3 Responses to Things done changed

  1. Great memories! Thanks!

  2. Artswebshow says:

    these are awesome.
    I like the middle one.
    A lot of energy in it

  3. Thanks for checking out the site (Oakley&Allen). I agree, that 97-98 set from Fleer had the best action shots of any card series I can remember.

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