At the movies with Outkast

The bottom of Outkast’s barrel is better than all of your barrels combined. Even when they’re just kickin’ the ballistics on movie soundtracks, they’re putting out music that is well beyond the average wheel turning that shows up with most movies (or doesn’t show up at all, the days of the star studded blockbuster soundtrack–with the exception of the Twilight series!–seem to have gone all but extinct).

“Speedballin” comes from the Tomb Raider soundtrack and sounds like the black magic brother of “B.O.B.”, all the velocity and fury with a bit less of the soul (instead of the power music electric revival freak out at the end of “B.O.B.”, we get about 50 seconds of Cee Lo wailing about being on fire).

DOWNLOAD: “Speedballin” by Outkast

Let us not forget two things:

1) There was a live action Scooby Doo movie, far more recently than I’d like to imagine possible (2002).

2) Outkast did a song for it that is doper than anyone buying the Scooby Doo soundtrack deserved. Big Boi’s verse? Vicious.

“Land of a Million Drums,” proof that even awkward commercial tie ins can’t hold Outkast down.

DOWNLOAD: “Land of a Million Drums” – Outkast ft. Killer Mike & Sleepy Brown

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