Songs You Probably Stole From Napster: Vol 1

I’m a sucker for walks down memory lane.  Napster, the music P2p service that found a way to make criminals out of 9 year olds has a wonderful place in my heart.  So much awesome pop music came from the late 90s, and back then the highlight of my days was often the gratifying, exciting, and satisfying  feeling of seeing your song of choice to successfully download after 30 minutes on your slow as shit 56K AOL modem.  If you were lucky, that Shaggy song had a green little circle next to the file name in the search results… which meant you were coppin the track from someone with a dope fast connection (T1/T3/DSL!).  The worst was downloading from a dude with a red 56k dot and then when it got up to 98% the motherfucker would sign off Napster or get a phone call on his telephone line.  Demoralizing.

My challenge in this post is to get you to nostalgia hard with some songs you probably stole off napster back in the day but likely dont have on your iTunes today.

I’ll throw up some download links individually (right click and save as) and a .zip file containing all of them…

Butterfly – Crazy Town – 1999

Come my lady, come come my lady

This is the kind of song that was probably more awesome having never seen what these guys look like… but nevertheless a total jam in the 4th grade

more after the jump

No Scrubs – TLC – 1999

Hangin out the passenger’s side of his best friends ride…trying to holla at me

This was probably the first advice I’ve ever gotten about what girls dont dig in men.  TLC taught me that its not about personality or charm.  If you sittin on yo broke ass livin at home with yo mamma,  you will never have a girlfriend.  Thank you TLC for teaching me the importance of careers and education.   RIP Left Eye.

Are You That Somebody? – Aaliyah – 1998

Boy…I’ll be watchin you like a hawk in the sky

Still one of my favorite Timbaland beats.  That coo-ing baby makes this song, and its how you’ll remember it.  Really a shame Aaliyah is dead too she was dope.    And to think this track was recorded for a Dr. Doolittle movie (lol eddie murphy).

If You Had My Love – Jennifer Lopez – 1999

And i gave you all my Cha-rust

Ah yes…Jennifer Lopez pre-buttjob, before she was J. Lo.  I remember being in India the summer this song came out…indians LOVED jennifer lopez.  Cassettes of her album On the 6 were everywhere.

Luv me Luv me – Shaggy -1998

Oooo boy i love u so…neva eva eva gonna let you go.  once i get my hands on you (love me love me love me SEX machine)

I figure you already have Angel, and It Wasn’t Me …this one is prob one you forgot about.  Pretty much all of shaggy’s songs were about sex, and this one was not different.  More of shaggy spewing his wonderful incomprehensible Jamaican reggae.  Shit was tight.

Here’s a .zip containing all the songs from this post incase you want em all…

Napster Jams (click to download)

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