“You Ain’t No DJ” – Big Boi ft. Yelawolf (Prod. Andre 3000)

As I said yesterday, I’m not a huge fan of posting up the same records you can find across the Hip Hop blogosphere, but “You Ain’t No DJ” seems to mark a bit of a special occasion.

First and foremost, Sir Lucious Left Foot has sprung a leak, it is fantastic, and I am certainly putting down my $10 for a copy on July 6th. I suggest you do the same.

Second, if you’ve followed You Must Learn at all over the past year, you’ll know that Outkast and Yelawolf are two of my favorite artists and topics of discussion.

Third, with the exception of a tepidly received duet with the greatly under-appreciated Rich Boy, Yelawolf’s appearance on Sir Lucious will mark his first major appearance since signing to Interscope and likely his first exposure to a larger listening audience.

Fourth and most importantly, “You Ain’t No DJ” delivers on all fronts. Andre’s metallic Kraftwerk funk bumps underneath Big Boi and Yela’s fiery verses. Any doubters need only reference Big Boi’s first verse–might be one of the most focused verses he’s ever spit (take anything you read with a grain of salt of course, but the verse is very very dope). Yela delivers on the promise of his January mixtape, Trunk Muzik, with verses that–while reminiscent of his heroes (a bit of Andre channeling here and there in the imagery)– are distinct enough to suggest that the rapper is on the way to carving out a dazzling lane all his own. If this is the first time you’re hearing Yelawolf, it isn’t the most spectacular introduction, but his two verses provide a strong roadmap of the aggressive, intelligent style he showcased on Trunk Muzik*. From its anti-mixtape DJ message to its classic ending skit (any fans of past Outkast albums are sure to enjoy it), “You Ain’t No DJ” delivers. A microcosm of an incredibly enjoyable and well crafted album.

I can’t recommend this song and this album enough. Stream “You Ain’t No DJ” below and be sure to support Big Boi next Tuesday.

(CDQ rip spotted at 2dopeboyz, but it has since been taken down)

*As a bonus I’m including the title track from Yela’s aforementioned mixtape, just because it’s so damn dope and paints a fuller picture of considerable technical ability as a rapper.

“Trunk Muzik” – Yelawolf

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