Songs you DONT want to come on Shuffle when you’re makin love

Awwwwwww YE.  Makin looooove.  Sometimes you just get so caught in the moment you get lazy and throw on Itunes Shuffle.  You’re just asking for failure.  One of the biggest boner kills out there is something embarrassing from your library, or something entirely inappropriate to come on when youre tryna score.

After the jump are a few songs you should just delete off of your library if you gon be dumbass and hit shuffle when u tryna fuck.

Justin Bieber – Baby

Lyrically relevant, just coming out the mouth of the wrong dude.

Eminem – Kill you

Yeah umm… ultra violence is not exactly mood setting music.

Beethoven – Symphony no. 5

These first 4 famous notes are hilarious to hear in any situation.  Actually as I’m listening to it now the beautiful buildups, sustaining melodies, and erupting clima- no no what am i saying just NO.

I Walk the Line – Johnny Cash

Dont wanna get stuck with this one either.   I love your music johnny but i know back in the day if you had your choice you too would throw on some petey pablo

I’ll Make a Man Out of You – Mulan


no really dont front i know u got this jam in ur library.  I’ll make a man out of you is just a demoralizing song to hear during coitus .

Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley


**note i actually originally started this post to be a Baby Makin Songs post… so here’s a  quick 35 min playlist (up to you whether thats enough or too short).  Enjoy.

Baby Makin Playlist Download (mediafire)

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2 Responses to Songs you DONT want to come on Shuffle when you’re makin love

  1. Zohran Kwame Mamdani says:

    dhruve told me he hits up this playlist whenever he’s getting down

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