Your style is like dyin in my sleep, I don’t feel it

Still not sure how I feel about this new Eminem album. I think it’s the closest any artist has come to adult contemporary rap. The iTunes bonus tracks are better than anything on the album. There’s a Haddaway sample (seriously, Just Blaze: I love your music, but please do not turn these 90s/euro dance samples into a new stylistic calling card). And yet I keep coming back to a number of songs. It is, at very least, better than Relapse, which is sort of like saying Chinese water torture is more enjoyable than the nameless Chinese torture wherein a glass rod is inserted into the urethra and promptly snapped. We’re talking degrees of suffering here, not leaps. I’m not sure Recovery is, however, urethra torture. Em’s rapping is technically sound to be sure, but I’m not certain he has anything of substance to say at this point that he hasn’t already said better elsewhere. I hope he grows into his newfound sobriety and refurbished sound gracefully. Just stay away from the accents.

Rather than doing some in depth analysis where I come off sounding like the hater you already know that I am (although I guess as soon as I break out references to urethra torture I’m probably too far gone to sail back), I’ll let my main man Alex speak for me:

Now for a little taste of the ol’ ultra violence to balance things out.

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