Artist Spotlight: Tha Pyro

Every now and then I like to shine a light and some of our friends and affiliates.

I’ve been working with Tha Pyro a.k.a. Ace for about two years now. He’s a very intelligent emcee from Bridgeport, Connecticut steeped in the east coast traditions of razor sharp flows and punchline rhymes. In that time since we first linked up he’s released two mixtapes, I Know I’m A Genius Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. He’s currently prepping a third, 2 Genius 4 Hip-Hop. All this genius talk refers to Ace’s crew, Genius E.N.T., a movement consisting of emcees Minister Po, Kimmy K, and Brave Rage. Ace’s goal as a rapper is to provide a blend of commercial and intellectual rap, breaking longstanding dichotomies between what sells records and what makes listeners think–as the Genius E.N.T. mission statement puts it: “fighting ignorance one ear at a time.”

2 Genius 4 Hip-Hop is due out at the beginning of August. You can find Tha Pyro on Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. Check out a sampling of the tape below.

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One Response to Artist Spotlight: Tha Pyro

  1. Rocky says:

    Congrats Ace, I’m so proud of you! Keep on doin big things ^_^

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