All black everything

I don’t care where you’re from, what you think of G-Unit, or what you think of the South. I don’t care if you’ve listened to a Young Buck record or you have no recollection of what Young Buck looks like. I don’t care.

Because “Get Buck” is one of the meanest records of all time, from any coast, any city, however you wanna call the game. Buck’s no super scientifical lyrical wordsmith motherfuckin genius or anything, but he certainly gets the job done–he stands up to the beat, bounces with it, and never gets overwhelmed, no small feat on a track so titanic. And the marching band dressed in black backing Buck up in the video? And the choir??? Vicious. Such a glossy video with so much performance footage isn’t exactly a conceptual masterpiece, but there’s a raucous allure to the proceedings that really fits the eerie thump of the song.

This isn’t exactly an “underground” gem, but it’s certainly an under-appreciated banger from G-Unit’s less successful exile.

Also, please find “Get Buck” as further proof that Polow da Don, when he wants to be, is a supremely talented producer. He’s got some duds but his resumes packed with some heavy heat. Stop sleeping and get buck.


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One Response to All black everything

  1. gregston says:

    The cameos in this video are GOLD

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