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The Sheepdogs: The Closest You’ll Get to Classic Rock in 2010

On first listen, the Sheepdogs scream The Beatles.  The 70s guitar riffs/harmonica/drum combo that consistently appears on all their tracks feels aged, but in a refreshing way.  Most fans of classic rock often go on and on how music nowadays will never … Continue reading

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Soliloquies of Chaos (Double Plus Good Edition): Aggressive Content by Nickelus F

Soliloquies of Chaos takes a look at some of my favorite verses and my reasons for loving them. Pretty simple Generally pretty simple, a little more thorough this time. Enjoy! As the title suggests, “Aggressive Content” is a song preoccupied … Continue reading

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Knowledge Reigns Supreme

Too much knowledge. “Put some money in between her titties if you have to.” Reminiscent of the almighty, all knowing Crunchy Blac.

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Songs you DONT want to come on Shuffle when you’re makin love

Awwwwwww YE.  Makin looooove.  Sometimes you just get so caught in the moment you get lazy and throw on Itunes Shuffle.  You’re just asking for failure.  One of the biggest boner kills out there is something embarrassing from your library, or something … Continue reading

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“You Ain’t No DJ” – Big Boi ft. Yelawolf (Prod. Andre 3000)

As I said yesterday, I’m not a huge fan of posting up the same records you can find across the Hip Hop blogosphere, but “You Ain’t No DJ” seems to mark a bit of a special occasion. First and foremost, … Continue reading

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“I Brought It Here” – Backbone ft. 4-Ize

I’m not usually one to throw the spotlight on the new music you can find on any number of Hip-Hop aggregators (for the record, this was spotted at the Smoking Section), but, given the recent light being shed on under-recognized … Continue reading

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