Can’t stop bumping this recently

A classic sample that will never die (peep the latest Murs and 9th Wonder for proof). This also seems appropriate in light of the recent release of Ice Cube’s “I Rep That West,” a song about which I have a few thoughts (surprise surprise) which I’ll be bringing your way soon. In short, it could have been a real west coast anthem, but it raises the question of whether or not a regional anthem can even find success on a national level anymore (and I will, once again, examine that oh so special case of “Empire State of Mind”). For the moment, bump with the funky worm and enjoy Nipsey.

NB: You may also recognize the particular section of the sample used for “Hussle in the House” from this:

And, really, each opportunity to share a Kris Kross video is a small triumph for the human spirit. Like a pint-sized, backwards-clothes-wearing Renaissance.

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One Response to Can’t stop bumping this recently

  1. Kwame says:

    can’t stop listening to that nipsey song, the beat is so nice

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