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Kanye Returns

After a long vacation from “the game” and pretty much society, after…well you know…Kanye returns drums pounding with a leak from his upcoming album “Good Ass Job”. This new track has the internet going crazy with everyone anticipating the pre-auto … Continue reading

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All my heroes have impeccable mustaches

Ladies and gentleman, pimps and playas, meet Imre Madach, 19th Century writer, poet, lawyer, politician, and, judging from that incredible ‘stache, general mack daddy and man of leisure. But, of course, nobody beats the N.

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Sunday Morning

Some Sunday Morning Visuals for that ass Remember that Volcano that SHUT SHIT DOWN haha Word on the street is Roc-a-fella is back and this guy is at the helm The Head Honcho just dropped this hilarious gem Oh and … Continue reading

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Dig Deeper

I’m continually amazed by the sheer mass of quality music that exists, hidden in the the dark grooves of records long forgotten by listeners. I heard Bill Wolfer’s “Wake Up” recently while searching for samples. I thought to myself: “Hmm, … Continue reading

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K.R.I.T. wuz Here

The first time I came across KRIT I was watching this: Introduced to me in this clip as “The Machine”, “The FUCKING Man-Child”, “All Business, All Work” I now understand why. After hearing this FREE…yes FREE, almost a crime that … Continue reading

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Before Coolio cooked up caprese salads

Before this: There was this: You can tell me this doesn’t absolutely bump, but I simply won’t listen to you. From Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise, one of the more unfairly ignored albums of the waning years of G-Funk. Obviously, Coolio’s monolithic … Continue reading

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Like nine cans of shaving powder, that’s funky

Strictly about the west coast heaviness and British rap this week. Another song indebted to one of the most magnificent sample sources of all time. Why don’t we celebrate it a bit here as well? Even though there are plenty … Continue reading

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