Meandering into British rap for the late night…

One of the hardest records of the new millennium and probably the closest anyone (aside from El-P) has come to matching the aesthetic of vintage Public Enemy. The 808 kicks, the rock drums, the heavy guitar, the full on hard rock of the final minute. Shit is too hard. Dizzee is one of those artists that was so overrated when he came out that he’s now underrated and largely forgotten as one of the fascinating, mercurial talents of the early and mid 2000s. Maths and English is a pretty spectacular album. Plenty of greatness to be had on Tongue n’ Cheek. Pay attention to British rappers. Speaking of which, I use any mention of British rap to bring you music by my boy Jehst. “Alcoholic Author” combines two things I love: Jehst and Charles Bukowski. Even if only for one line. Plus Jehst just says absurd things with almost unparalleled style and ease.

“Fascinated by the fire like a child tryna touch the flame”

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One Response to Meandering into British rap for the late night…

  1. Max Travis says:

    Hey dude, as you know im from the UK, You should Check out Klashnekoff – the songs: Parrowdice and Murda- peace

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