Dom Kennedy’s FTWWL and XXL

I was perusing the web today and came across a link to a review of L.A. rapper Dom Kennedy’s latest project titled From The Westside With Love

Now, understandably everyone can’t/won’t like everything, but a vague, lackluster review complete with misinformation about the artist, and a vibe of “dude was corny because he made a couple songs about chicks” is kind of wack to me(hey i’m biased; all 4 of Dom’s mixtapes in addition to just about anything he’s been featured on) and if you follow the link to the review just about 99% of those that commented on the writer’s review felt the same way especially when this publication praises the likes of OJ da Juiceman. But anyway since we’re all about good music in these parts I figured I’d share some with you guys and let you judge for yourself keeping in mind the review by XXL that you see above you.

…and now for your audible pleasure I present to you Dom Kennedy’s

From The Westside With Love



update: Dom on the review


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