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Meandering into British rap for the late night…

One of the hardest records of the new millennium and probably the closest anyone (aside from El-P) has come to matching the aesthetic of vintage Public Enemy. The 808 kicks, the rock drums, the heavy guitar, the full on hard … Continue reading

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Listening to samples late at night. Jumping through a Fania All-Stars album. Something familiar pops on. Pause. Play it back. What the hell is that?? OH!! It’s the jam. Respect one of the all-time greats.

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Block Rockin Beats

Mais en francais mes amis. As you should know already, La Haine is beloved around these parts. That love extends to the excellent soundtrack. “La 25eme Image” by Iam and Nuttea is one of many highlights. From the days when … Continue reading

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the continued attempts of a mad insomniac to find inner peace

Erykah, you’re the best.

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Alexander Hollender is a really neat guy

and you should absolutely spend some time in his playpen. I promise he knows how to share his toys much better than I.

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Bukowski say:

Goading the Muse this man used to be an interesting writer, he was able to say brisk and refreshing things. at the time I suggested to the editors and the critics that he was one to be watched and also … Continue reading

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Some guy who blogs about stuff…

…meets… Sure. Why the hell not? At least it isn’t My Blood Valentine 3D.

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